The Anatomy of Horse Race Handicapping Or How to Have Fun at the Track

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A Year in The Anatomy of Horse Race Handicapping Volume III relive 2015, the year of American Pharoah

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These horses are a dead-ringer for the horse on the cover of the book. They measure 2 3/4" long and are hand-stitched from quality felt. Carefully stuffed with a polyester fiberfill, it is detailed with yarn and puffy paint. The legs have small sections of pipe cleaner so it can stand up in your paddock. They come in race horse colors of Black; Gray (with gray mane and tail); Gray (with black mane and tail); chestnut; and white. The best part is there are no worries about feeding them, cleaning stalls; or behaving themselves! Caution: not recommended for the little ones in your life, who are at an age where they rather chew and/or attempt to swallow their toy horses. Cost $10.00 includes shipping and handling.


Look race track cool in this logo baseball cap. Not your run-of-the-mill cheapo kind either. It's 100% cotton with an adjustable band to fit any head swelled by winning a Pick 6 and solid enough to last many a victory toss in the air.