It's Here!!! The Anatomy of Horse Race Handicapping Or How to Have Fun at the Track:  SECOND EDITION                                     If you thought the First Edition was great, you gotta read the updated version, found through the link over there <--------


The book, The Anatomy of Horse Race Handicapping Or How to Have Fun at the Track was written for all of you, who watch horse racing only to find themselves lost, wanting to know more about the sport, but not knowing where to begin. Perhaps you're a regular race watcher, who ends up spending all of their time explaining the sport to their accompanying friends and loved ones. It's not like you don't want them sharing in the enjoyment of a sport you love, but how many questions can you really answer? Or you may be someone who just visits the track for those special race days. You want to go more often, but just don't know how to learn more about this great sport. What if you've just joined a horse partnership? You want to ask the right questions, but don't feel knowledgeable enough. Or you could be a track regular, who is feeling overwhelmed with all the numbers and methodologies. In all these cases, this book may just be the help you're looking for, as it offers a unique perspective on how to enjoy horse racing. By the end of our lively and amusing discussion on how to handicap with your head, eyes, blood, gut, heart, and by your tail, namely, the physical anatomy common to both horse and human, (well, maybe not the tail part exactly) the reader will be able to converse comfortably on any of the sport's diverse aspects. Most importantly, they will know how to have fun at the track.