Author Profile

The author, Jean Chodkowski was your typical horse-crazy little kid, who negotiated riding lessons with her Dad, when he said no to the question: "Daddy, can we have a horse?" She made her first visit to a race track as a teenager, since it was Saratoga Race Course, she became smitten with the sport at first sight. For the past fifteen years, she has been the host of an internet horse racing chat. Consequently, the book was written in a conversational style, reminiscent of those chats, including the same warped humor found there on a weekly basis.


Since the book was published in 2012, the author has been interviewed by both HRTV and WBAL, the NBC affiliate in Baltimore, and was a panelist on’s Night School. The following comments are typical of those made about The Anatomy of Horse Race Handicapping Or How to Have Fun at the Track:


“It is Great!” - Thorofan

“We really like your style and the subject matter” - The Eclipse Press

“ Great job” - Allan Carter, the Historian at The National Racing Museum and Hall of Fame (also the content editor for the book)

“The author does an excellent job of finding a way to relate to the reader.” - Tim Brannon, America’s Best Racing

"It's the neatest little book!"  -  Jan DeMarco, Lyrical Ballad Bookstore